Graduate Students wing

The APBA-GSW is the student arm of the African Plant Breeding Association (APBA), which came into existence following an endorsement for her creation by the Executives of APBA on the 24th of February 2021. APBA-GSW comprises of of plant breeding graduate students across Africa who strongly hope they can have more networking opportunities with industry; benefit from increased funding for research and enhanced sharing of information; and higher professional development among others, through their active participation in and mentorship under the APBA. This group works tightly with the mother-Association (APBA) to promote activities of African plant breeders towards achieving food and nutrition security in Africa.
The group assists various APBA committees especially those involving the planning and execution of annual meetings and conferences, and development and promotion of communication materials. Serving in committees provides students with the opportunity to be mentored to assume leadership positions in future. They also network and learn from industry players, policy makers, successful plant breeders and other relevant stakeholders in the field of plant breeding.

The APBA-GSW seeks to:

  1. Serve as liaison between APBA and students by providing students perspective for the various APBA committees;
  2. Create a vibrant and sustainable network of graduate students in plant breeding in the continent and
  3. Prepare students for leadership roles. leadership roles.
To represent the interests of graduate students at APBA by:

• presenting and discussing students’ opinions and needs at the working meetings of APBA and of APBA-GSW;
• promoting graduate students’ researches and findings at APBA and Worldwide as well; and
• organizing students’ posters competition and parallel events during the APBA conferences.

To build the capacity of graduate students through:

• organizing webinars and professional development workshops and conferences;
• organizing peer mentoring; and
• sharing publications/books of researchers and graduate students of APBA and of non APBA members as well.

To provide a network platform for graduate students through;

• APBA and APBA-GSW websites; and
• Creation and animation of Social media groups/pages.

To connect graduate students with industries, research institutions and funding opportunities by:

• developing collaborations with other associations and institutions; and
• sharing through APBA-GSW network relevant calls for applications and projects.